The Emotional Horse & Emotional Rider

We all experience fear, but knowing how to control it to keep our horse safe and ourselves safe takes commitment and understanding, good leadership and control of a difficult situation. Sometimes, as humans, we become unrealistic and take it very personally when our horse reacts when we least expect it.  It is not a weakness in the horse; it is a natural instinct that is embedded in their DNA.  What we need to do is learn how NOT to panic, be in control of the horse when the horse appears to be out of control.  There is a conflict between two areas – the human brain (which makes the decisions, negative and positive) and the horses brain and body, where the uncomfortable feelings occur. These uncomfortable feelings can be in the form of physical pain or anxiety that is felt internally. To deal with the fear, the horse may react by a bolt, jerk or run backward, rear up, buck etc. in order to get away from the scary situation or pain they are experiencing. Your goal is to teach yourself to teach your horse how to calm down and respond to your cues when they become afraid.

We want to teach your horse to spook in place by teaching calm down cues and safety cues. A horse will naturally spook as a response, we want to take the control and stop the reaction of a bolting situation. Karen Whites Condition/Response training is quick, safe and effective. Learning to have positive energy opposed to being negative and reactional can make the difference in an out of controlled situation when an emergency arises.  Learning training techniques and understanding your horse better for the unexpected that can be a natural instinct to the horse.  Horses and humans naturally fear fire, it is important to stay calm when the worst case scenario happens, so training for emergency events could save you and your horse’s life.  Karen White will guide you through your fears with empathy and easy training methods that ‘makes the connection’ between human and horse.

This Clinic is perfect for the rider or horse OR BOTH; that suffers anxiety, stress and emotional issues. You will learn how to respond, not react, to behaviours and what exercises to do to help combat the days when you are feeling anxious or stressed.

If your horse is naturally emotional and suffers anxiety and behavioural issues, this can transfer to you as well creating tension and a lack of connection between horse and rider. This Clinic will bring the partnership back together and create the bond that is needed for successful training. The Clinic is split into a morning and afternoon session with lunch provided.

Lesson Price

$85/ session
Summer 8am Start – 10am finish
Winter 10am Start – 12pm finish