Healing with the herd

Sometimes life turns us upside down when we least expect it. Horses have a natural way of “being authentically in the moment” learn peace from the horse, how to BE, connecting, addressing anxiety, strengthen confidence & leadership, its life changing

Horses have the extraordinary ability to emotionally transform the lives of men, women and children, whether they are horse lovers, have no experience with horses or suffering from deep psychological wounds. Horses are true, non-judgemental and in the moment totally with you – unconditionally.

By sharing the company of a beautiful balanced horse we experience self-awareness and peace of mind that unfolds with a horse/human relationship. We all know someone who needs help – a war veteran with PTSD, a husband, a wife, a partner, a child, a friend, a misunderstood teenager, emotional pain or someone that has simply lost their way and sometimes that person is us. Karen White will share her HERD with you so you can experience their magic.  What she calls ‘Being Heard by the HERD’

Horses are authentic and have no judgement, no matter our age, sex, or skin colour.  They allow relationships that demonstrate acceptance, leadership, kindness, honesty, tolerance, patience, compassion, and forgiveness. Horses help us be in the moment – to be completely aware of our authentic self and become better individuals. That can then help us with better parenting skills and experience more fulfilling relationships with each other and adopt assertiveness and clear boundaries that will change your life in many aspects.

Horses have been Karen’s greatest teacher through life, they have no ego, they never lie and they are never wrong. We all just need to listen to hear what they are truly saying to help us. It is this amazing power of horses to heal and teach that has astounded Karen over her years of training and starting horses under saddle.

Karen White studied with Linda Kohanov ‘Power of the Herd” in Arizona 2013 and Karen completed her EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) studies in 2010 NSW.  She now wants to share with all, these wonderful, naturally magical healing animals to help everyone as they have helped her over her years with her own painful experiences of life, death, divorce, depression, anxiety, and abuse.


  • Age: 29 Years

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: White

  • Breed: Appaloosa

Our beautiful mare Sunny has a gorgeous angelic nature.  She has been an accomplished show horse all her life and a very nurturing mother and my very first Appaloosa.  Words don’t describe her, being with her is the total experience, a calmness like no other.  Sunny vibrates calm, a beautiful old girl that is not ready to retire as yet as she has so many more people she wants to help.


  • Age: 11 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Palomino

  • Breed: Appaloosa

My partner in crime, a natural gentle soul whom is always helping me with difficult horses and willing to help with autistic children and adults in an easy going, loving gentle way that only he can display. Awesome is also an accomplished show horse in his own rights. He has competed as a young colt and a stallion.  Awesome and I are hoping to enter back to the show ring this season after some niggling long term spur issues, we’ve finally gotten pain management under control so it can only be onwards and upwards from here. Awesome has an ability to teach unconditional love, understanding and the importance of both good and bad days.  Awesome and I are pushing forward in life even through the rocky patches.


  • Age: 14 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Chestnut

  • Breed: Quarter Horse

Mr Reliable, always dependable, flexible and a willing Healing Horse.  Accomplished show horse and adored by all. He is our “Boy Scout” Scout has the amazing ability to be suited to almost any rider and is happy to help anyone that graces his saddle.


  • Age: 15 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Chestnut

  • Breed: Arab

A cute loving boy whom is naturally talented at liberty.  Accomplished endurance horse.  Cheeky, loves people and connects with all riders big and small. Nirvana is a tricky one with pressure and is the teacher of understanding when things don’t quite go ‘OUR WAY” that frustration feeds frustration. He has so much to teach, especially in our young riders who sometimes need to learn patience in themselves.


  • Age: 9 years

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Bay

  • Breed: Quarter Horse

Our quirky girl whom loves having a job to do, teacher of patience, leadership, understanding, thinking outside the “Square”.  She has been misunderstood for her behaviours and now is the best teacher to confirm that pain and pressure should not be used for any human or horse, it only causes anger & depression.  Love this girl.


  • Age: 5 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Brown & White

  • Breed: Mini x Shetland Appaloosa

The cuddle pot of the herd.  Adorable boy that is our superstar little equestrian teacher and always willing to dress up for any occasion to help put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s no unheard of for rebel to barge his way in for a cuddle and scratch while lessons are going on.


  • Age: 5 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Light Brown

  • Breed: Min Mule

Another cuddle pot,  a fabulous teacher of “Energy”.  Mules are very different to work with than a horse, so if you aren’t honourable of him he lets you know.  People can learn a lot from Merlin, especially when we are talking about presence and what we give with ours. The right approach, the right attitude and being authentic is the key with Merlin and he teaches us humans just that.  He connects in to us like no other and works your mind in a way that reminds you that sometimes we need to change the way we approach things in life.


  • Age: 16 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: White & Brown

  • Breed: Mini

The smallest member of the herd with the BIGGEST personality.  Brigg’s may think he’s a dog, this lovely boy has actually tried to take a seat on many clients laps for a scratch and a bit of love. Brigg’s can win anyone over with just a glance and he’s a favourite amongst our kids.


  • Age: 12 years

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Brown

  • Breed: OTTT

A gentle giant whom loves to be a part of everything, king of the mini herd with the biggest of hearts to help with anything and everything. Oreo is a fantastic teacher of strong, the art of intention can be learned many times over from Oreo.


  • Age: 4 years

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Grey & White

  • Breed: Steer

A HUGE boy now but still thinks he’s a little fella.  Loves a scratch, a kiss and certainly is a huge member of the Mohegan herd. A cow you say? Weird right? Not to us, Radar is just as much part of the family as any of our beloved heard.


  • Age: 5 years

  • Gender: Bitch

  • Color: Dark Grey

  • Breed: Great Dane

She is the first animal you meet upon your arrival and she will make you feel welcome every single time.  Caviar has  endless cuddles, and we honestly believe she knows when you are upset and will not leave your side. She has an ability to guide you through the day at Mohegan, perhaps that’s why she’s always the first animal you meet?

Ginger Ninja

  • Age: 5 years

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Ginger

  • Breed: Abyssinian x Moggy


Calvin Klein

  • Age: 10 years

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Grey/White

  • Breed: Rag Doll


The Mohegan animal team are unbelievably willing, we are healers & helpers and special in every sense of the word.  Allowing everyone to experience connection  with them to help heal our hiccups in life, bringing us unconditional happiness, sharing with us their language of their simple lives.  A huge human lesson every single session with every single animal.