A-Z Float Training

Having a horse load onto a float with no fuss is an absolute essential part of everyone’s horsemanship.

Some horses have had a bad experience, fears, trauma and this needs to be addressed beforehand with empathy and re-training of the mind and body before float loading becomes 100%

But what do you do when everything goes wrong with your horse that did load and now WON’T!! When it becomes a battle between you both, stressful and dangerous for your horse and yourself.

Karen White will demonstrate all the fundamentals that you need to MASTER a ‘SUCCESSFUL SESSION’ With your horse. It’s an essential part of owning a horse and restricts the fun you are both missing out on let alone the safety aspect for evacuation or veterinary reasons.

Consistency is the key and the correct ground work exercises to allow the horse to OFFER to load.

Your horse will love you for making the plunge or coming to watch how to problem solve.

The most frustrating experience anyone can have is, not being able to load their horse. Many reasons WHY, mostly are lacking forward & backward and solid foundations need to be MASTERED.

Prices for float training start from $75 plus travel costs

How to cope towing the float

Now you have mastered the art of getting your horse on the float are you ok with driving the float? Karen White has faced many people who have legitimate fears of towing a float and these fears are able to overcome with the right coaching.

Help is here! Feeling totally overwhelmed getting your horse on the float, then double anxiety kicks in to travel to the destination.

Have an experienced empathetic coach in the car with you to help you believe everything is possible.

Prices for towing the float lessons start from $75.00 plus travel costs

Lesson Price

$150/ hour
Prices for towing the float lessons do not include travel costs.