Anything Goes Sundays

Having a great foundation of information is the key to everything for you & your horses enabling you to further your education together & a very important step to any successful riding session.

The right coach & training programme is vital and this is where Mohegan stands out by providing a specific programme that is individual for you and your horse.

Every Sunday an educational workshop with like-minded people join in to a very informative 2 hour ground and ridden session covering everything and anything the horses needing us to help them with. Remember – the horses are really our COACH’s, we just need to listen to what they are telling us we need to work on.

Learn to embrace what you love doing with FUN with an empathetic, intuitive, understanding coach
which will give you the FREEDOM to achieve everything you have ever dreamt of and more.

  • Create softness & control in the bridle or Bitless/Bosal in any discipline
  • Focus on balance in the saddle creating connection with your horse
  • Obstacles & manoeuvres (Extreme Trail, Working Equitation, Handy Pony)
  • Introduction to Liberty
  • Learn to be in control in any situation when everything feels terrifying
  • Performance training & all problems solving for all disciplines for you and your equine
  • Float training specialist – Summer time safety training for possible evacuation
  • Problem solving – behaviour adjustment
  • Guest speakers on specific Sundays on – Bits & correct sizing for your horse
    • Different Body works available
    • Saddle Fitting
    • First Aid
    • Inspirational speakers

DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER TEAM MOHEGAN are here to help fulfil the dreams and the journey.

Lesson Price

$75/ session
Sunday Only

Summer 8am Start – 10am finish
Winter 10am Start – 12pm finish