Assertive Leadership

Karen White will show you how to develop your mental attention, how to focus on the important training issues opposed to your negative mind focus.  It is easier to have bad habits, it is harder to change and commit to the change.  Everything is possible with assertive, kind, communication with your horse.

From GREEN to PERFORMANCE & the SHOW Scene or ARC or just wanting to fill in the gaps.  Learn different lunging systems, traditional in hand warm up exercises. Suitable for any discipline, wanting a successful training system that works for all breeds of’ horses and all humans who love their training, having fun succeeding.  Whether you do pleasure riding, dressage, hacking, games, camp draft, reining, western pleasure, pony club, Karen White will show you the importance of dealing with those small training issues opposed to allowing the horse to use this moment as an EVASION. It is easy to over-look bad habits; consistency is the key for your horse to be outstanding. Everything is possible with assertive, kind communication with clarity and commitment.

This afternoon session will be both on ground and ridden. If at any time during this session you find you are feeling overwhelmed and have lost connection with your horse Karen White or one of Karen’s trainers can help one on one and ride your horse for you.

Lesson Price

$150/ session
Morning 9am-11:30am

Afternoon 1pm – 3pm

A single morning or afternoon session is available upon request at $75.

Drinks & snacks included.