Bringing Up Babies

  • Our foals/yearlings future should be considered the same as a child’s education, the sooner we have boundaries in place it becomes 2nd nature for them to accept & understand with ease.
  • The most enjoyable horses are those with good manners patiently developed through a solid training foundation: conditioned response. Foal handling is the foundation that supports a horse for life and once these basics are established, the horse becomes a quick, willing student, eager to learn.
  • Horse owners involved in all disciplines can experience confidence with Karen White, who is a David Simons/John Lyons accredited trainer and a successful Appaloosa breeder and performance trainer since 1990.
  • Horses are like people, with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. Each will learn at different speeds and patience and knowledge is the key.
  • There is nothing more exciting and rewarding establishing great training in the young horse that sets their future up for success.
  • Handle your baby with confidence from approaching and catching to challenging your baby through obstacles, introducing clippers for show preparation or for veterinary reasons. Presenting your young one to the judge or simply wanting a good training programme that will make sense and easy to apply every day.
  • Weanlings through to getting your young horse started to the saddle with a kind and safe rewarding method for both you and your horse.

Lesson Price

$75/ session
Summer 8am Start – 10am finish
Winter 10am Start – 12pm finish