Confidence Club Every Saturday

Confidence comes from knowledge and understanding the importance of kind but assertive leadership.

Letting go of the inner turmoil that holds us back to progress forward, lies within us all. 
Learn what to do when you are feeling anxious or fearful.  It can all be overcome, in a safe, fun, supportive environment with Karen White.

How we treat our horse and how the horse responds to us are critical elements as to whether we stay connected and both benefit from the training experience in a constructive time or a negative training session.  Karen White will show you a step by step Condition/Response programme that gives you results within minutes.  Horses are very authentic and “In the Moment” which is the opposite of most humans, taking the horse’s bad behaviour personally, or nurturing the horse in the wrong instance when boundaries were needed to put into place.  These small mistakes make a big difference to your horse.

How well are you able to focus on what you are asking your horse to do?  Do you get frustrated, distracted, do you feel the horse in control more than yourself and this makes you feel vulnerable in those moments?  Do you pay close attention as to how you send every signal? The ability to focus on one lesson step at a time is critical in developing consistency with your horse.

This workshop caters from the new horse owner to the advanced competitor; Karen White will show you a clear communication to have with your horse, from the paddock or to the show ring with consistency.  Ground and ridden exercises that make sense in a small workshop group.

Confidence club covers everything and anything; if you are new to riding or have been out of the saddle for a few years then our “Getting back into the Saddle” workshop is the best place to start, or a one on one private lesson with Karen.

Lesson Price

$75/ session
Saturday Only

Summer 8am Start – 10am finish
Winter 10am Start – 12pm finish