Green Horse and Rider

This workshop is perfect for expanding the knowledge of basic training foundations and transferring this into technical training to advance the knowledge of both horse and rider. This workshop is the perfect start to fast tracking the training of your green horse and setting you up with the tools for success. This workshop will run through everything from ground work and round penning training to self-carriage, bridle work and more.

The Round Pen helps teach your horse to Pay ATTENTION TO YOU, re-educate a spoilt or green horse or start a new horse under saddle. The round pen will help achieve the following for the horse:

  • Turn and face you
  • Stand next to you
  • Trust you
  • Accept saddle & rider calmly
  • Stand still while being mounted
  • Overcome fears such as Head Shyness, having feet/legs handled
  • Spook in place – turn and face fearful objects rather than running away
  • Develop co-ordination of ground poles
  • Cross plastic & other obstacles such as bridges, etc.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards responding to your requests
  • Basics of ground tying

 “The 4 basic characteristics of the Horse”

  • Fear
  • Pecking order
  • Laziness
  • Reason to live

These all play a part when we are establishing assertive leadership on the ground.  How to identify them and working with what your horse is telling you in that moment.  Identifying and working with the problem is the most important part of helping your horse over-come them and to trust you.


All horse‘s with foundation training should be comfortable doing:

  • All basic ground work including some show in hand work (Obedience, responsive)
  • Give to the bit/bridle with ease and manage to collect up and let onto a loose rein without any fear
  • Transitions of walk, trot, canter relaxed on cue without fear
  • Travel in a straight line without a fence guiding him/her
  • Back up with no resistance
  • Reasonable circles, staying equal distance from an exercise cone with little resistance
  • Out on the trail, relaxed

When all these are solid, you are able to commence to more advanced bridle and ridden work.

Learn the importance of;

Reins control the front of the horse

Leg Aides control the back of the horse

Trail/Obstacle such as:

Side-passing, back up through L Shape logs, pivot on forehand and hindquarter turns with ease

Using numbers to connect your horse’s feet to like a clock can help you develop a lesson plan before commencing the session with your horse as follows

The Clock exercise

Creating true Softness in the bridle, Self-Carriage and versatility for all disciplines of riding.

  • 11 O’clock  Left direct/Indirect rein
  • 1 O’clock Right direct/Indirect rein
  • 12 O’clock is forward
  • 6 O’clock Backing up

As you perfect your clock exercise, you will then be able to accomplish the –

  • Walking pirouette
  • Reining spins.
  • Two track work – shoulder in & haunch in

All of these exercises are a wonderful way to establish your timing and feel,

Understanding the importance of the horses shoulders, hind quarters and, in return of your hard work, a supple soft horse offering to engage with you like never before, and most of all, ITS FUN!! Whilst spending these quality hours with your favourite equine.

Our horses’ are forever AUTHENTIC and IN THE MOMENT, never judging us or holding on to grudges, and yet, the human race behaves the total opposite at times.

Karen White will show you how to develop your mental attention, how to focus on the important training issues opposed to your negative mind focus.  It is easier to have bad habits, it is harder to change and commit to the change.  Everything is possible with assertive, kind, communication with your horse.

Assertive Communication is a conscious effort to change what feels wrong or unsafe horse behaviour.  Before we can change our horse, we first need to look at our own behaviour, how it maybe enabling a negative training session and compounding our horses resistance.

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears

Lesson Price

$85/ session
Summer 8am Start – 10am finish
Winter 10am Start – 12pm finish